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Why is Wedding Photography Important?

 Your Photographs will be is the only thing you will actually hold in your hands after the wedding. They  will be your passport to your own wedding that you can re live as often as you would like as the years continue together. It will be a way to share that day with each other, your family forever and a way to remember who you married when there are tough times!  

When I got married, we had a few photographers shoot our wedding.   It was a little crazy, but I knew a lot of emerging photographers and they were our friends!  As a bride & groom, we loved the images,  but when moved to Russia shortly after our wedding I stashed them away for almost decade.  When we moved back home and unwrapped the boxes of images and the handmade photo album, we were both in tears of joy reliving that day.  

Now we actually have framed photos from that day and the album rests on our bookcase in a special box, that actually gets looked at, often!  I get it!    As a mom, the best part is our daughters have loved looking at those images over and over over the years--  and I will say we both looked damn good that day!  I look at the photos often, still 20 years later!

As your photographer, I will bring not only my expertise as a photographer to your wedding day, but my experience from every wedding, every family session, and every moment as a photojournalist.   Most of all,  I bring the intangible, my respect and love for your commitment to each other.  It is truly the best thing: marriage. After every wedding I come home to my husband Andrew, and share with him little nuggets about the day and how rejuvenating experiencing and capturing a wedding and the love of two people and the infectious effect on friends and family can be!

A  few important words about pricing...

I want you to know I appreciate this is an expensive part of your wedding, and I want to address some questions you may have. I struggle with pricing every year and I try to be  competitive and fair to you and to me!  Here are a few things that influence pricing:

My experience as a photographer *

How many hours you will need/want coverage.

How many photographers are covering the wedding.

An Engagement Session or One Year Anniversary Session.

Wedding Albums, Prints, Wall Art.

Additional Coverage such as Rehearsal Dinner, Brunch, Trash the Dress.

Photographer's  travel fee, which I only charge when I am getting on a plane!

 Your wedding day is the fun part of the job, I have so much fun I actually don't feel like I am working , I feel thrilled for you and honored to be there!   For me, the actual work begins at the desk - the post production & editing is extensive and if you are a perfectionist, like me,  takes many days and late nights! There are the other aspects of being a wedding photographer that go unseen but are all part of the day, the decades of experience not only creating images but understanding the psychology of love and  families, especially brides & grooms, the prep time,  timeline creation, consultations, as well as owning and maintaining ever changing equipment and running a business,  web design, social media,  advertising platforms and other fees, but I won't bore you with that. 

I love what I do and I wouldn't want do anything else.   I am happiest with my cameras around my neck capturing precious moments, making my clients happy & pushing myself to be even more creative than I was yesterday while always creating art to last for many lifetimes. 





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